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Rojava University was established in Qamishlo in the Cizire region of Rojava in July, 2016. Rojava University, one of the greatest achievements of the July 19 Rojava Revolution, was established in Qamishlo in 2016. It began providing academic services with modest resources The Kurdish territory of Rojava in Syria has become a watchword for radical democracy, communalism and gender equality. But while Western radicals continue to project their own values onto the revolution, the complexities of the situation are often overlooked or misunderstood July 19 marked the seventh anniversary of northern Syria's Rojava Revolution. On that day in 2012 the nascent People's Protection Units (YPG) took control of the Kurdish-majority city of Kobanê. The outnumbered forces of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad surrendered and were allowed to depart (without their weapons) The future of the extraordinary feminist and democratic revolution in Rojava is now in danger. The US has announced it will withdraw its military forces fro..

L' Amministrazione autonoma della Siria del Nord-Est, conosciuta più semplicemente come Rojava, è una regione autonoma de facto nel nord e nord-est della Siria, non ufficialmente riconosciuta da parte del governo siriano The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES), also known as Rojava, is a de facto autonomous region in northeastern Syria. It consists of self-governing sub-regions in the areas of Afrin, Jazira, Euphrates, Raqqa, Tabqa, Manbij and Deir Ez-Zor Revolution in Rojava is the first full-length study of this ongoing social and political transformation in Syrian Kurdistan. It is the first authentic insight into the complex dimensions of the revolution Rojava: Revolution, War, and the Future of Syria's Kurds: Amazon.it: Schmidinger, Thomas, Schiffmann, Michael: Libri in altre lingu

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  1. In reality, until Turkish fascism is defeated, ISIS will continue to be a threat and the revolution of Rojava will be under attack. We must expose and attack the military and diplomatic cooperation between the AKP-MHP government and opportunist governments of the USA and Western European states
  2. The revolution made in Rojava is historic. Because it is a radical break with the past. Of course, we all know that these things take time, they don't change from one day to another
  3. The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, also known as Rojava, managed to free itself from Syria in 2011 during the upheaval of war. Since this revolutio..
  4. 18-19 July 2020 yesterday was the day of international solidarity for Rojava, Women Defend Rojava, Internationalist Commune, Make Rojava Green Again, and Riseup4Rojava, make call for two days solidarity action to fight the Turkish invasion of #Basur (South Kurdistan, Iraq) and #Rojava. Like anarchists and Continue reading

Gli ideali sui quali è fondata la società di Rojava sono quelli del rivoluzionario curdo di sinistra Abdullah Ocalan, leader del Partito dei lavoratori del Kurdistan (Pkk)e attualmente unico..

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We are a worldwide campaign and platform for the defense of the Rojava Revolution and its achievements Rojava: the Revolution Now. In the Heart of Syria's Darkness, a Democratic, Egalitarian and Feminist Society Emerges. [Editor: As the capitalist system collapses, this is the kind of society we need to create in its place.] Four million people, thousands of communes, a non-hierarchical social structure and a cooperative economy Rojava revolution is an intellectual and scientific revolution. With all its achievements, it has become a source of inspiration and a model. Many governments and parties cannot face the reality of what this revolution has achieved and are afraid of it; therefore, they launch violent attacks on the Rojava region Yes, the Rojava Revolution is not only a Revolution limited to Rojava, indeed, we can call it the Middle East Revolution. If we were to confine it only to Rojava, we'll be squeezed into a narrow space. Undoubtedly, when we say Rojava Revolution, the first thing that comes to mind are women Our book is the basis of our campaign Make Rojava Green Again and is now published in ten different languages in different regions all over the world. It presents our ideological frame, social ecology, and analyses the ecological challenges of today through the perspective of the Rojava revolution

Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Autonomy and Women's Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan (English Edition) eBook: Knapp, Michael, Flach, Anja, Ayboga, Ercan, Biehl, Janet. The Rojava Revolution is one of the most important revolutionary struggle of recent years. In the context of civil war and great power intrigue, the Kurdish movement evolved into a multi-ethnic and non-sectarian autonomous administration that governs approximately two million people in Northeastern Syria

Revolution and Counterrevolution in Rojava. International Relations, War/Peace • October 27, 2019 • Fouad Oveisy. As I write, the revolution in Rojava is under existential threat. This threat was aggravated by a controversial roller coaster of recent events Lì nel Rojava in gioco non c'è soltanto la parità di genere attraverso la militarizzazione androgina contro il sistema patriarcale - di cui l'ISIS rappresenta forse la deriva più nefanda - ma l'effetto delle donne su una morale maschile che, scaricata lungo i nervi della storia, ha mostrato tutta la sua debolezza e ingiustizia ROJAVA REVOLUTION☆☆☆ ha 2107 membri. Iscriviti a questo gruppo per pubblicare e commentare Rojava - Ultime notizie su Rojava - Argomenti del Sole 24 Ore. Ultime notizie: Rojava. 02 dicembre 2019, 12:44; Nato, dopo 70 anni funziona ancora l'Alleanza Atlantica? Nata per contenere l'espansione dell'Unione sovietica, l'Alleanza ha conservato la funzione di tenere sotto controllo la Russia, nano economico e gigante militare

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On behalf of the coordinators of the Kongra Star Women's Movement in Rojava, we congratulate all the peoples of North Eastern Syria, led by the martyrs, the YPJ, the YPG, and all the women of all components on the eighth anniversary of the July 19 revolution which has become a symbol of resistance and the women's revolution to the Kurdish people and all people in region T he revolution in the Kurdish region of Syria called Rojava has generated significant enthusiasm among broad segments of the left in Europe and North America. The heroic resistance by Kurdish forces in Kobane, Syria during the siege by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in late 2014 and into early 2015 proved to be a pivotal moment The Turkish invasion threatens the radically decentralized and democratic social revolution in Rojava, including women-led political movements and projects that have inspired activists across the globe, and stand in sharp contrast to the patriarchy and authoritarianism that defines much of the Middle East

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The revolution has suffered considerable assault. Turkey opposes Rojava and has prevented all supplies, trade and humanitarian aid from crossing its border into the region From the start of the Rojava revolution in 2012, the Syrian regime has maintained control of a small area of the regional capital, Qamishli. Symbolic of its ongoing power and threat of return, members of the Syrian regime forces patrol what is called security square, or the Christian quarter Eight years ago, on 19 July, a Kurdish-led coalition began the biggest revolution of the 21st century in Kobanê, Rojava - an autonomous region of northern Syria. This revolution has led to the development of grassroots democracy for all ethnicities with social-ecology and women's liberation are central pillars of this radical alternative to the nation state

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Today, on its 7th anniversary, the Rojava Revolution continues to be a beacon of hope for revolutionaries across the globe! Rojava has shown the world that revolution is still relevant and possible in this day and age. It has reminded everyone the power of the People in Arms «The Rojava Revolution and British Solidarity». Anarchist Studies (en inglés) 24 (1). ISSN 0967-3393. Tax, Meredith (22 de abril de 2015). «The Revolution in Rojava». Dissent (en inglés). ISSN 1946-0910. Üstündağ, Nazan (2016). «Self-Defense as a Revolutionary Practice in Rojava, or How to Unmake the State.» In short, the Rojava revolution is fulfilling the dreams of Arab Spring—and then some. If its ideas can be sustained and can prevail against ISIS, Kurdish nationalism, and the hostile states surrounding the cantons, Rojava will affect the possibilities available to the whole region The Internationalist Commune We, as internationalists from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europa, America and Oceania, have been working in different structures of the revolution in Rojava and Northern Syria for many years There is a danger of romanticising the Rojava revolution. There have been credible allegations of ethnic cleansing and of the silencing of dissent. A report from Chatham House, the international..

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Costituitasi nel 2012, a seguito degli eventi legati alla guerra civile siriana, l'Amministrazione autonoma della Siria del Nord-Est (conosciuta come Rojava) è considerata dalle forze curde una.. Revolution in Rojava. Since 2012, a revolution has been taking place in Rojava.. Rojava is the area of Kurdistan which lies within the borders of Syria. The revolution in Rojava is based on the. The Rojava Revolution began in 2012, as an outgrowth from the insurgency of the PKK and other Kurdish groups in Turkey that's been locked in an off-and-on civil war for 30 years. Paul, a post-left anarchist from the U.S. talks about his experiences in Rojava in October of this year of their multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, feminism revolution The 'Rojava Revolution' in Syrian Kurdistan: A Model of Development for the Middle East? By Can Cemgil and Clemens Hoffmann. Originally published in IDS Bulletin Vol. 47 No. 3 May 2016: 'Ruptures and Ripple Effects in the Middle East and Beyond' 53-7 International Volunteers of the Rojava Revolution - DOCUMENTARY FILM - (February 28, 2019) Building Autonomy Through Ecology in Rojava (February 28, 2018) Kurdish Fighters Defend Afrin From Turkish Military Invasion in Northern Syria (January 25, 2018) Kobane Rebuilds as ISIL Control Diminishes in Syria (December 27, 2017

Rojava is in the midst of a crisis. Smart and capable people are leaving to the west. Young people are not inspired by the revolution, instead being attracted to European society because of what they see on the television. There is a huge brain drain occurring in Rojava the Rojava Revolution decided the appropriate response was to appear at any event about the region in London to distribute pamphlets condemning the revolution and urging people not to help it. What on earth would move someone to conclude that, of all the things they could be doing to further the cause o Since the beginning of the Rojava revolution, especially following the resistance in Kobanê in 2015, international volunteers have come to confront the Daesh (ISIS) and defend the revolution. In the early years most of the international volunteers came in coordination with YPG and YPJ, the Kurdish self-defense militias The Rojava Revolution. Written on March 15, 2015 by Editor in Kurdistan, PYD, Rojava, Syria, YPG, YPJ. By Evangelos Aretaios: This article was first published by Open Democracy. The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES) or commonly known as Rojava (sometimes called Kurdistan by western media ) is an ongoing effort since 2012 to create a libertarian socialist society in the north of Syria according to the principles of Democratic Confederalism. This began with the Rojava Revolution, Rojava is currently battling an apocalyptic war with Turkey. Each.

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Rojava, the site of a remarkable peoples' revolution, is on the brink of colonization and extermination. The international left must stand against it. Local residents speak with a Kurdish soldier while an oil well burns in the distance on November 10, 2015 near the town of Hole in the autonomous region of Rojava, Syria Rojava Revolution; Part of the Syrian Civil War: YPG fighters celebrating a victory on their return to base: Date: 19 July 2012 - ongoing (3 years, 2 months and 2 days) Location: Al-Hasakah Governorate, Ar-Raqqah Governorate, [13] Aleppo Governorate Syria: Status: Ongoing: Belligerents; Rojava [1] Kurdish Supreme Committee The Rojava administration introduced free primary and secondary education. Efforts are being made to create a new health insurance. Rojava has become a safe haven for countless refugees, who were welcomed by the Kurds. This is just a short list of the achievements of the Rojava revolution 'The Rojava Revolution is also the revolution of the Armenians' The Rojava Revolution has left its 8th year behind. Those who live in the region and witness the revolution say that they were reborn on 19 July Vedi altri contenuti di The Fallen Heroes of the Rojava Revolution su Facebook. Accedi. Non ricordi più come accedere all'account? o. Crea nuovo account. Non ora. Pagine correlate. International Volunteers Report 2. Media. The Lions Of Rojava. Ente pubblico. Kurdish Question. Agenzia media/stampa

The Rojava Revolution needs our solidarity as never before. State Library, 328 Swanston St, City. Organised by Kurdish Democratic Community Centre of Victoria & supported by Australians for Kurdistan. Posted in Australia, Rojava, Turkey, Uncategorized | Tagged Rojava * To come back to what is the most global in the alleged Rojava revolution, it seems to us important to say that it constitutes a fashionable alternative, which is very well suitable for capitalism and world imperialism: it is the only revolution in history that shows itself off triumphant, libertarian, alternative, feminist, ecological, without having to get through the class. On 19 July 2020, on the 8th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution, we launched a major international solidarity campaign. Our appeal is addressed to all the people in the academic world who could help us. Supporting the resistance in Rojava also implies supporting education Buch Revolution in Rojava online. 30. Januar 2018 Honk. Diese Seite soll das Hintergrund-Buch Revolution in Rojava unserer Kampagne online in verschiedenen Sprachen zur Verfügung stellen. Außerdem werden wir hier Beiträge einstellen, die zur Situation Bezug nehmen

Venerdì 28 ottobre dalle 19 in via Mezzocannone, presentazione del progetto Colori per il Rojava con. proiezioni, musica e aperitivo. Verrà presentato il progetto di terapia creativa che verrà realizzato con il ricavato dell'esposizione artistica che si terrà dal 29 ottobre al 6 novembre presso la galleria 1 Opera in Via San Biagio dei Librai 121 all'interno del palazzo Diomede Carafa ROJAVA REVOLUTION☆☆☆ has 1,975 members. Lyrics: This one goes out to Erik, Luke, Dean and Jack And all the other volunteers who didn't make it bac

Too few critical texts circulate unfortunately nowadays on the Rojava revolution and the Kurdish question, especially in Spanish. Last small comment: the comrades of La Oveja Negra mistakenly attribute to us (in footnotes) the paternity of two texts that we have in fact only translated, presented, published on our blog and spread internationally The revolution in the Kurdish region of Syria called Rojava has generated significant enthusiasm among broad segments of the left in Europe and North America. The heroic resistance by Kurdish forces in Kobane, Syria during the siege by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in late 2014 and into early 2015 proved to be a pivotal moment Rojava Information Center. 8,484 likes · 1,178 talking about this. The Rojava Information Center provides news, updates and research from on the ground in North Eastern Syria But now, Rojava faces some big threats: War, embargo, water shortage. When the revolution in Rojava began, the groundwater level was very low due mainly to industrial monoculture agriculture organised by the Syrian regime over the last four decades, as well as a decline in rainfall as a result of the global climate crisis Rojava: A libertarian myth under scrutiny. It should also be noted that European leftist solidarity cherry-picked the so-called Rojava revolution, whereas other revolutionary theorists,.

Let's defend the Women's Revolution in Rojava! vedi l'articolo: Dilar Dirik- Una chiamata alla solidarietà: difendere Afrin è difendere l'umanità . ARTICOLI. Silvia Federici - Contributi femministi alle scienze sociali Rojava | Il Partito dell'Unione democratica (PYD) e l'autodeterminazione kurda ROJAVA: IL VILLAGGIO DELLE DONNE JINWAR APRIRÀ IL 25 NOVEMBRE Rojava. Sulla prima linea del fronte contro la guerra e la pandemia - intervista a Jiyan Rojava. Un Medio Oriente in «comune» Se la vergogna fosse una categoria della politica..

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  1. 'Rojava revolution' reading guide. The one thing that everyone can agree on about the situation in the Kurdish areas of Syria is that it is complicated. Here's a list of the most informative writings on the subject from a wide range of political views: An assembly meeting in Rojava
  2. carovana_rojava@inventati.org. Per maggiori informazioni o per partecipare alla raccolta Semi per Kobane, contattate: illusione_contatto@live.it. Se sei interessato/a a partecipare alla mobilitazione sanitaria, invia una mail a questo indirizzo: ambulatoriopopolare@inventati.org con oggetto staffetta sanitaria e sarai ricontattato/a
  3. The cooperative economy is part of the larger goal of the Rojava Revolution to democratize all of society, including but not limited to the economy. This also means that traditionally marginalized groups (such as women) getting a say in decisions becomes a priority, to ensure the democratic nature of the model
  4. The book Revolution In Rojava, translated by Janet Biehl is published at Pluto Press. Download as PDF. Revolution in Rojava. Democratic Autonomy and Women's Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan. Authors: Michael Knapp, Anja Flach, Ercan Ayboga. A new kind of society is being built in Syria, but it's not one you would expect
  5. The Rojava revolution faces great challenges going forward. But the revolutionary forces have already made history. Their democratic confederal project - with its emphasis on direct democracy against the state, multicultural accommodation, gender emancipation, and social ecology - has inspired people across the globe
  6. ute. What are the material conditions which support this woman-centred revolution ? Part 5 of 50.50's series. Witnessing the revolution in Rojava, northern Syria. There is a real sense of a people responding to the facts on the ground with the few resources they have to hand
  7. I knew that Rojava was very much a women's revolution and that one of its main organizational aspects is that it is anti-patriarchal and anti-hierarchical. I was also aware that at the heart of the revolution is the idea that you have to change social relations completely in order to create a just society

Rojava Information Center ; ANHA (News agency based in Rojava) The Region (News Agency with focus on Middle East) Ahvalnews (Critical Turkish News Agency) Books. See: democratic confederalism for beginners. Make Rojava Green Again. Revolution in Rojava. The Kurds of Northern Syria. Solidarity. Riseup 4 Rojava . List of Rojava Solidarity Group The Rojava (Counter-)Revolution. The formation of the SDF was in part a response to Turkey's role in sponsoring the rise of ISIS as a proxy to eliminate the Kurdish populations in northern Iraq and Syria. Until then, the US had sponsored an inefficient and anti-Kurdish Syrian opposition and was in no rush to change course The Rojava Revolution In Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) events took a different direction. The left-wing Democratic Union Party (PYD) already had a popular base and used this to build grassroots mass organisation. Armed defence groups were set up, most notably the Peoples Defence Units (YPG) and Women's Defence Units (YPJ) We welcome donations, people who want to travel here to join the Rojava revolution on the ground, and other forms of support from across the globe - see below for information about translation, media coverage, and solidarity events in Europe.. Donate to Make Rojava Green Again. We are currently crowdfunding for our Make Rojava Green Again campaign. You can find the page here and more. Women must defend Rojava. Rojava became an example because of women and women will keep Rojava on her feet. Many great sacrifices have been made so far. But the phase that lies ahead will be even more exhausting and difficult. This means guaranteeing the achievements of the Rojava revolution and defending them against the coming attacks

MAY THE SUN OF ROJAVA RISE AND NEVER SET. MAY THE SUN OF ROJAVA BURN ITS ENEMIES TO DEATH! Il vento scandinavo soffia più forte che mai annunciando una tempesta di tuonante d-beat/crust che squarcia il cielo e si abbatte sul terreno con una potenza devastante Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Autonomy and Women's Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan is one of the first full-length books to address the emergence of Rojava, an autonomous region in northern Syria that has been heralded by many as a socialist and feminist model for social change.Written by three active participants in the Kurdish movement, Michael Knapp, Anja Flach, and Ercan Ayboga, the. Andrej Kropage: Rojava revolution made great practical steps We see ourselves as part of this project, said Professor Andrej Kropage, member of the Western delegation which have visited North and East of Syria

Il ricavato delle iniziative fatte a sostegno del progetto della Carovana, verrà pubblicato man mano su questa pagina. I primi mesi di iniziativa della Carovana per il Rojava (da febbraio a Maggio 2015) hanno fruttato una raccolta fondi di 8000 euro che sono stati così ripartiti: 4000 euro (nuovo ospedale di Kobane) 3000 euro (Comitato di Ricostruzione di Kobane) 1000 euro (T uhad Fed. Azzam also assured that the July 19 th Revolution came as a powerful respond to all practices that deprived peoples of the area of living in safety and security. Azzam added today, we are witnessing changes, victories and achievements that is being achieved by DAA, and we all must preserve what Rojava Revolution achieved Revolution in Rojava: A Conversation With Janet Biehl Rojava, leftist enclave in the Middle East, is employing radical politics in day to day life. Read more to find out what historical and cultural conditions led to such a seemingly unlikely change

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  1. g deve lopment has been the unfolding of Kurdish autonomy in the northeast of the country, known as Western Kurdistan, or Rojava
  2. The Rojava Revolution came about as a part of the initial Syrian Revolution and it only succeeded because of its revolutionary and democratic methods, which appealed to wide layers of workers and poor in the region. These are the same methods that are necessary now
  3. Rojava: Revolution, War and the Future of Syria's Kurds [Schmidinger, Thomas] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rojava: Revolution, War and the Future of Syria's Kurd
  4. UK Pro Kurdish activists hold rally for Rojava revolution in London's Trafalgar Square. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. 20 Luglio 2020. Romania Protesters rally against new quarantine law in Bucharest. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. 20 Luglio 2020. Bulgaria Anti govt protesters flood Sofia for 11th consecutive day
  5. It was also a key moment for the Kurds in Syria taking part in what they call the Rojava Revolution, as they went on to secure the north of the country. Going on behind the scenes was a quieter and, the Kurds in Rojava believe, more important ideological battle taking place in classrooms: what they call the war of education
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Rojava Revolution film night by compañerxs in Cambridge. We'll be heading down there so send us an email if you'd like a lift. Sun 27th. December Revolutionaries struggling for the freedom of humanity in their own countries have, since the Rojava revolution began, been flocking here to join a revolution they see as the hope of humanity. Joining the fight at the front lines, internationalist fighters who have been martyred, have gifted the Rojava revolution to all the world's nations

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  1. YPG International is an official information portal for the Rojava Revolution and People's Defense Units (YPG) made by YPG. We provide first hand information for everyone who is interested in our struggle, in people's revolution of Rojava, in Kurdistan and in a democratic Syria
  2. ata ramoscello d'ulivo la Turchia ha sferrato, nei giorni scorsi, un duro attacco contro il Rojava, nel cantone di Afrin
  3. ismo non una bandiera da sventolare ideologicamente, ma una realtà concreta. Le donne rappresentano tra il 30 e il 40 % dei membri delle forze armate, una percentuale estremamente alta se paragonata al resto del mondo
  4. Bristol hosts event on Rojava Revolution On 14 December, the Rojava Solidarity group in Bristol hosted an event at the Malcolm X Centre on the origins and politics of the Rojava Revolution: Caught between the expansionist ISIS and escalating oppression by the Turkish state is one of the largest and most interesting revolutionary struggles of our times
  5. Anarcho birthday greetings to the Rojava Revolution from so-called Australia. On the 19.07.20, the 8th birthday of the Rojava Revolution, we unfurled these banners as a small gesture to the brave Kurdish women warriors of the YPJ, and remembering too the brave Gunai warriors past & present who resist this hell colony known as gippsland / australia
  6. The Rojava Revolution, as we spoke of in the last episode, is the name for the Kurdish-initiated project to organize stateless communities in Northern Syria into 3 autonomous cantons in the wake of Syrian State withdrawal during the progress of the civil war in that country

MAY THE SUN OF ROJAVA RISE AND NEVER SET MAY THE SUN OF ROJAVA BURN ITS ENEMIES TO DEATH (Adrestia - The Sun of Rojava) In supporto alla Rivoluzione Confederalista e Democratica del Rojava è nato qualche mese fa un progetto dal nome Punks For Rojava, ossia una rete formata da individui e gruppi facenti parte della comunità punk internazionale impegnata sia nel supportare la. Rahila Gupta, who visited Rojava in 2016, also wrote a series of articles, 'A revolution for our times: Rojava, Northern Syria', posted in Opendemocracy starting on 4 April 2016 - where she explore both the complexity as well as the centrality of women's liberation to the revolution that is Rojava The Rojava Revoultion is the revolution of all the peoples of the world. 11 July 2017. YouTube closes YPG account while Daesh (ISIS) continues uploading atrocities. August 23, 2017. To the Public Opinion! January 20, 2018. February 13: The Turkish army violently attacks the Rojava border

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ROJAVA: Revolution, War and the Future of Syria's Kurds . Author. Thomas Schmidinger . Published by: Pluto Press, London, 2018, 368pp, 17.99 [pounds sterling] Rojava revolution - Co-operatives & assemblies As they have driven ISIS back in northern Syria / Rojava the Kurdish YPG and their allies in the SDF have won increasing visibility in western media. While such reports often mention the key role in this fight played by women in the YPJ, there is otherwise little examination of the revolution happening behind the front lines in Rojava

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Die Revolution in Rojava hat gezeigt, dass eine andere Welt nicht nur nötig, sondern auch möglich ist. Imperialismus und Internationalismus Genau deswegen, weil die Mächtigen wissen, welches Potential diese Revolution hat, bekämpfen sie diese. Insbesondere dem türkischen Staat, unter Erdogans AKP ist diese Revolution ein Dorn im Auge In solidarity with the people of Rojava, we will show solidarity through the following goals and actions: 1. We defend the Revolution and its achievements. We align ourselves with the revolution in Kurdistan, the defining struggle against the biggest manifestation of fascism of our time, and for the liberation of women and society

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From our friends from Rojava Plan Denge Cudi was the first radio of the Rojava revolution. It went through great difficulties to keep spreading the voice of the youth and Year 2016 Length 3 MIN Rojava Revolution : Author Message; Phoenix Quinn Forum Manager Posts: 341 Join date: 2013-02-05 Age: 152 Location: Rojava: Subject: Rojava Revolution Sun Oct 25, 2015 5:01 pm: For those not familiar with the remarkable events taking place in the Kurdish liberated zones of Syria, here's a start Like anarchists and other revolutionary groups around the world, we in Indonesia also have the responsibility to support the Rojava revolution and fight Turkish fascism! Several individuals and groups in several regions in Indonesia make various solidarity actions during July 18-19. Malang, East Java. Tulungagung, East Java. Bojonegoro, East Jav

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Rojava sau Kurdistanul de Vest (în kurdă: Rojavayê Kurdistanê, unde rojava înseamnă vest în limba kurdă) este o regiune autonomă de facto în nordul și nord-estul Siriei. Regiunea și-a câștigat autonomia în noiembrie 2013 ca parte a Campaniei Rojava, când s-au pus bazele unei societăți bazate pe principiile democrației directe, egalității de șanse între bărbați. Ultime. Ago 13 › Libano. Tra le rovine di Beirut e della sanità pubblica avanza il Covid-19 » Ago 13 › Bielorussia. Dopo il voto crescono proteste e repressione, a Minsk in piazza le donne Découvrez des t-shirts, posters, stickers, objets déco et autres produits du quotidien sur le thème..

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A revolution is unfolding in Rojava, in the north-east of Syria. In a region wracked with violence, the Kurdish-left are constructing an anti-capitalist, feminist experiment, with peace as their aim

Report: Antifa Receiving Military Training in SyriaA Socialist History of the French Revolution, JaurésVolontaires au sein des milices kurdes YPG : ils racontent
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